Cutlery tray 30 cm

Here you will find cutlery trays for boxes with an internal width of 30 cm. Feel free to look at more of our cutlery boxes here!

Cutlery Trays 30 cm

Discover our range of 30 cm wide cutlery trays, designed to provide optimal storage and organization in your kitchen drawers. Our cutlery trays combine functionality with aesthetics, making them a perfect solution for both modern and traditional kitchens.

Functionality and Design

Our 30 cm cutlery trays are carefully designed to maximize storage space and keep your cutlery neatly organized. With multiple compartments for different types of cutlery, such as knives, forks, spoons, and serving utensils, it becomes easy to keep the kitchen organized and practical.

Material and Style

We offer cutlery trays in a variety of materials to suit your personal style and kitchen decor:

  • Plastic: Easy to clean and affordable, perfect for daily use.
  • Wood: An eco-friendly option that provides a warm and natural feel.
  • Metal: Modern and durable, ideal for a sleek and industrial kitchen.

Customizable Solutions

Our customizable cutlery trays can be adjusted to fit different drawer sizes and needs. This allows you to tailor your storage and create a solution that fits perfectly in your kitchen.

Benefits of Our Cutlery Trays

  1. Optimal Organization: Keeps all cutlery separated and easily accessible.
  2. High Quality: Made of durable materials for long-lasting use.
  3. Easy Installation: Designed to fit many drawers and are easy to install.
  4. Adaptability: Adjustable models to fit specific needs and drawer sizes.
  5. Aesthetic Design: Available in various materials and styles to complement your kitchen decor.

Choose the Right Cutlery Tray for Your Kitchen

To create a cohesive and well-organized kitchen environment, it's important to choose a cutlery tray that not only meets your practical needs but also matches your personal style. Our cutlery trays are designed to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing, making them an excellent addition to any kitchen.

Explore our range of 30 cm wide cutlery trays and find the perfect solution to keep your kitchen organized and stylish. With our high-quality products, your kitchen storage will be both efficient and elegant.

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