This is how you measure your CC dimension!

Do you want to buy new fittings for your dresser, kitchen, or bathroom cabinet but are unsure how to measure the correct CC dimension? Here, we help you sort out the terms and show you how to measure the correct CC dimension!

Changing handles and knobs on your kitchen cabinets, an Ikea dresser, or in the bathroom can create a completely new, modern, and more personal feel in your interior. Handles and knobs are often replaced very easily with a simple screwdriver. However, if your doors or drawers already have existing fittings, you first need to determine what size the new handles should be to fit into the existing holes. If the new handles have the same distance between the holes as the old ones, it is very easy to just screw on the new fittings, and that's precisely why we often talk about the CC dimension in the fittings industry! The CC dimension is the measurement between the screw holes!

To find out the CC dimension of your kitchen handles quickly and easily, you can simply start by opening a cabinet door and measuring the screws on the back. It is also fine to measure on the front where the fitting is, but since different fittings can have different sized bases and the hole on the fitting is not always centered on the bases, it can sometimes be a bit misleading.

On the inside of the door, you can then easily measure between the two screws. CC dimensions are always given in millimeters and measured in the center of the holes. In other words, you should measure from the center of one screw to the center of the other screw to get the most accurate result possible.

Here you see a CC dimension showing 128 mm. Most CC dimensions in Europe are divisible by the woodworking measurement of 32 mm. This means that a measurement you get is likely also divisible by 32 mm. Common CC dimensions are CC 64 mm, CC 96 mm, CC 128 mm, CC 160 mm, CC 192 mm, and so on. If you get a measurement close to these, you can almost assume it is the nearest CC dimension.

If you have any questions about measuring or want more tips by phone or email, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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