Self-adhesive Hooks

Hooks with self-adhesive surface to mount where you do not want to have drill-holes, for example on the inside of the cabinet door, in the bathroom or on the tiles in the kitchen.


There may be many reasons for not wanting to drill holes in your tiled bathroom or kitchen walls but most commonly, it’s due to the concern of sealing these holes from moisture. When you move into a new home or renovate your current bathroom, hooks for your towels are a necessity. If you don’t have the knowledge or the tools, drilling holes to your tiles may present an obstacle in your renovation project. Due to this, we have brought out a selection of elegant and esthetically pleasing hooks for both your kitchen and bathroom, that does not require drilling holes! 

Adhesive hooks are convenient, good looking and can be mounted onto any surface! No longer do you need a carpenter to drill the holes in your tiles but instead you can just purchase modern hooks and good looking storage solutions and have them shipped to your house. For your kitchen, you can, for instance, mount the hooks to your tiles or splash panel to hang your dish brush or utensils from or, you can mount them to the side or inside of your cabinets for an accessible spot to hang your kitchen towels. In your bathroom, you can mount the hook near the bathtub for your bath towel or as a classic hook for your towel.  

We offer a wide selection of adhesive hooks ranging from modern, black squared models to the softer shapes in a more retro style. We also have no-drill hooks for your children’s room that come with cute animals and rustic hooks with beautiful motifs. Here you will find hooks suited for all homes and styles, without the need to drill.

No-drill hooks from Habo 

Habo is a Swedish company originating from the town with the same name. Habo has for the last 100 years offered a solid selection of fittings for your home such as handles for internal doors, kitchen fittings and bathroom hooks. At It’s Design, you will find, amongst others, their no-drill fittings for bathrooms and kitchens that are easily mounted with their adhesive surfaces on the back. Habo’s adhesive bathroom products are at the front of the industry and come in modern designs of black and stainless steel.

 Adhesive hooks are perfect for walls or doors that you don’t want to drill in to, perfect for a rented property/space. Habo’s products usually come in series and with varieties of single and double hooks and with adhesive hangers for your toilet rolls, with the same appearances.  

This is how you mount our adhesive products

1.  Clean your surface properly and allow it to air-dry for 10 minutes. Make sure your cleaning product does not contain any oil.  

2.  Remove the protective tape.  

3.  Mount the product at your desired position.  

4.  Allow the adhesive to dry for 24 hours before hanging anything from the product. 

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