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Kitchen Accessories

Accessories for cabinets and drawers in the kitchen


We have in this category chosen to gather all the products from our selection that were hard to fit into the rest of the categories of drawer and cabinet furnishing. Apart from cutlery trays, kitchen rail spice trays and cabinet extensions, we also carry a wide range of smart, convenient and important items for your kitchen.  

We have an appliance lift or lifting assistant, that has become wildly popular. It can be fitted to a current cabinet and can be delivered both with and without a wooden shelf. With our appliance lift, you can store your kitchen assistant in a way that makes using it both ergonomically correct but also practical in terms of storage as you can move it in and out, without any heavy lifting! 

We also have a complete selection of items made to secure your kitchen from attaining water damage. We call this selection 'Water-proof kitchen' and in here you will find everything from countertop covers, underlays for dishwashers or fridges as well as water alarms that will alert you of any supposed leakage. All products, of course, comply with legal regulations.  

One product that’s often overlooked and forgotten about, that also make a big difference to your kitchen drawers, are drawer liners. Drawer liners or inlay mats are mats that you line your drawer with to protect it and extend its lifespan. But the mat is not only for protection! Drawer liners can also silence your kitchen items, make sure that everything is secured nicely and also give your drawer a more exclusive appearance. If the liner gets dirty or is damaged, simply wash it or change it for a new one and ensure your drawers stays as good as new. We carry liners in both luxurious felt as well as in non-slip material that both can be fitted according to your measurements. With drawer liner, you can create a kitchen lasting a long time.  

Mesh bin, cabinet feet and connective rails

We envision our typical customer to be a fixer-upper that takes on a home improvement task themselves, rather than hiring a carpenter to do it for them. This is partly because a lot of things around the house can be easily maintained yourself, without the need to spend a lot of money on workmen. Some examples of this are cabinet feel and connective rails. Cabinet feet are simply that – feet for your cabinets that act as legs between them and your kitchen floor. Connective rails, or connective fittings, is another smart product when you want to connect two cabinets or door fronts. This is commonly done to preserve the illusion of there being two separate drawers, when in reality there is only one, to make sure they align properly at the front.  

Mesh bins are another popular product that can be used in many different areas. Among other things, they are especially good in pantries where they can act as storage units for your essentials but maybe even more so in closets or laundry rooms. The mesh baskets are easy to assemble into a pre-made cabinet and come in many different shapes and sizes. We supply Pelly’s popular mesh baskets with a narrow mesh that doesn’t leave any imprints on your items, such as clothes. 

Apart from that, we also carry other smart items that you probably barely knew you needed. We carry an elegant mount for your iron to be fitted in your cleaning cabinet, closet or laundry room; smart storage solutions for the blow dryer and curling iron; as well as little rubber silencers that make your cabinet and drawers of your kitchen much quieter. All and all, we have a large selection of kitchen furnishing that can greatly improve your kitchen. 

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