Leather Knobs

Leather loop and knobs in leather


In our category of leather knobs, you will find a wide range of leather-dressed knobs, loops and knobs that over the last few years have become somewhat of an interior design trend. Leather knobs do not only bring a sense of exclusivity and warmth to your home but can also take the simplest IKEA dresser and turn it into a designer-style piece of furniture. We have everything from organic leather dressed brass to chrome on black leather. Remember that it doesn’t matter where you decide to use the knobs as they are well suited both in the kitchen and hallway, as well as on a side table in the living room. Details with leather provide you with a unique look for your home as well as an easy way to bring out the colours of your couch, chair upholstery, oven mitts and leather armchairs. We offer leather with the following appearances: organic, black, cognac and brown. If you have your own ideas for leather fittings, feel free to contact us directly as all of our fittings can be leather bound by us, as a custom order. 

The Tärnsjö Tannery

At It’s Design, we want to offer products that we're proud of. This also includes our leather-bound fittings which are all dressed in leather from the Tärnsjö Tannery. The tannery in Tärnsjö is one that supplies high-quality leather to the whole country. The tannery has been operating since 1873 and only produces leather from locally sourced, Swedish hides.  

Tärnsjö Tannery has since 1988 placed sustainable development amongst its core values. The tannery is also one of the few in the world that still uses vegetable tanning for their leather. This process is paramount from an environmental point of view, as it utilizes coniferous extracts and water-based surface treatments instead of substances and liquids, dangerous to the environment.

All leather manufactured at the tannery is branded with their logo that also serves as a seal of guarantee that the product is made at a very high standard, and with their values at heart. Tärnsjö Tannery only uses hides leftover from the meat industry, to lower their overall impact on the environment.  

Maintenance of leather knobs in your kitchen 

Leather is an organic product that will naturally age with time and so will our products. Some, more frequently used fittings will also weather quicker than others in your kitchen. However, we are at least of the opinion that leather only becomes more beautiful with age and that this should be considered a feature when placing organic products in your kitchen. Our leather kitchen knobs are of such high quality, that no additional care is needed before fitting them in your kitchen. Our leather expert believes that since the leather is so saturated, it won’t need any further treatment or waterproofing before they are fitted in the kitchen or onto a dresser.  

If with time, one of the knobs are stained in an un-esthetically pleasing way, you may clean them carefully with some upholstery cleaner suited for leather. This may, however, lead to slight differences in colour on the lighter parts of the leather.  

However, given the proper maintenance, our vegetable tanned leather-bound fittings will age naturally and develop a beautiful, weathered look that will last for generations to come. 

Feel free to combine leather knobs with leather handles on cabinets and doors in the kitchen for a stylish look!

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