Wooden Handles

Wooden handle for the kitchen, hallway or closet in beech, birch, oak, pine and cherry.


Wood might be one of nature’s best products with its endless varieties of shapes and colours. The material is durable and convenient when shaped into fittings, knobs and kitchen handles that only grow more beautiful with time. Since all trees are unique, every product made from them also acquires their design. You can therefore never find the same structures and grains identical to that of other pieces of wood. 

At It’s Design we have a wide selection of wooden handles. Regardless if you prefer oak, pine, beech or cherry wood, we have the wooden fittings for your needs. We have plenty of different models with many different CC Measurements ranging from the old-timer cc 87 to classics like the cc 96 and 128. Our wooden handles are delivered with a clear coating of varnish that protects the wood’s exterior from corrosion to its surface, all while maintaining its organic and natural ageing qualities.  

The popularity of certain species of wood fluctuates with time but wooden material is timeless. Oak countertops with oak details for the kitchen are classics from the 1900s that live on, well into the 21st century and pinewood has also made a grand comeback on the market, during the 2010s.  

Wooden handles and knobs may also vary within the same species of wood. A knob made of oak may have more or fewer grains and a knob made of beech wood may have a darker finish if the material is sourced closer to the tree’s core. One thing they all have in common though is that no matter what kind you choose, a wooden knob will always provide you with a friendly, durable material that’s also always comforting and warm, as it doesn’t transfer any cold. 

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