Kitchen Cabinet Interior

Pull-out drawers, carousels & dish shelves for kitchen cabinets.


Are you looking for affordable and smart kitchen storage solutions for your cabinets? Then you’ve come to the right place. We offer a wide selection of interior furnishing for your cabinets in our online store. Here, you will find extendable shelves for tall cabinets, smart corner solutions for those impossible corner cabinets and modern classics like the Twin Corner or LeMans from market-leading brands like Vauth Sagel and Kesseböhmer.  

Corner cabinets – make use of even the trickiest corners of your kitchen

Undoubtedly the hardest cabinets to decorate in your kitchen are the ones in your corners. Normally, you would construct a corner with an 800, 1000 or 1200 mm wide cabinet where half of the cabinet would be tucked into a 'dead' corner. Before that, these cabinets were made into shelves but these days, we’ve come to realize that shelves easily become impractical and hard to access. We have therefore here collected some smart solutions for difficult corner cabinets that can easily be fitted even after the kitchen is finished! Our corner cabinet interiors are available in several different models and come in a range of sizes to fit as many of the available cabinet frames on the market. Whether you’ve got old frames from IKEA or custom-fitted cabinets, you will still be able to use modern extensions with their soft-closing devices.  

 We offer a wide range of models when it comes to corner cabinets. We have a selection of convenient carousels in a line of discontinuing models available to bargain from, branded products such as LeMans and Twin Corner from Kesselböhmer and Vauth Sagel and of course, the ever so popular Magic Corner.  

Tall cabinets – stack your kitchen tall

Tall cabinets are a very convenient kitchen storage solution that can usually fit a large number of kitchen items and utensils. It may however get cluttered and unorganized, quite quickly. With a tall cabinet extension, you can conveniently create a smart storage solution with extendable shelves that provide a great overview of your kitchen.   We have cupboard extensions in many different appearances with extendable shelves that can be attached to your cabinet doors, extensions fitted directly to your cabinet or extensions fitted to the cabinet with baskets for the door.  

Old cabinets with difficult measurements

Much of our kitchen cabinet furnishing is flexible to fit all cabinets on the market. Whether your kitchen has old cabinets or if your kitchen is brand new, you will here find furnishing fitted especially for you. 

We carry cabinet furnishing available to fit size 40, 50, 60 and 80 which are the most common cabinet widths, but also for less common widths like size 30 and 100. We also offer tall cabinet extensions with adjustable heights and kitchen carousels in variations of half, three-quarters and full-size carousel models. Our idea is that you shouldn’t fit your kitchen to our furnishing but instead that our furnishing should fit your kitchen!  

Garbage management and recycling

General garbage, glass, electric waste, plastic, batteries, paper and metal – all the things you want to be able to keep separate but may struggle to find the space for. Recycling stations at your house is not only a rising trend but also to some degree mandatory by law. According to the laws surrounding waste, you are actually required to separate some of your waste before disposing of it.  

To simplify the recycling process of your home, we provide several convenient solutions for both drawers and cabinets. Here you can choose the number of bins as well as the size and number of each, to cover all bases of separating your recycling. Our buckets come in sizes of 5 litres, 10 litres, 15 litres, 17 litres as well as 21 litres and are all able to be combined, all according to your needs and tastes. Another key aspect worth mentioning is that all of our recycling bins are made of recycled plastic to further lower the effects on the environment.  

Dish racks for cabinets

In Finland, they have dish racks mounted to the inside of almost all kitchen cabinets, something that is a bit less common in Sweden. Dishes are here more commonly stored on the counter after being done but if your house is a bit smaller, if you don’t want your dishes out to dry when you’re having people over or if you simply want to use the counter as a workspace, rather than a storage space, we recommend fitting a dishes racks to the inside of your cabinets instead.  

Before, dish racks were fitted to kitchen cabinets but with the bottoms taken out to allow the water to drain onto the kitchen counter. These days, we rather fit a drip tray underneath to collect the water because not all countertops are waterproof. When countertops were mainly made of stainless steel, the prospect of draining water onto them was not an issue whereas today, with countertops of wood and marble, the necessity of draining the water separately becomes more important. We, therefore, deliver all of our dish shelves and racks with a drip tray included that collects the water dripping off your dishes.  

Our dish shelves come in a wide range of widths and fit many different types of cabinets. Of course, you may equally fit them to a current cabinet, as you may to a newly bought one. If you desire a compact living feeling, you may select our smallest model made for size 30 cabinets and still have plenty of space left to store other things.  

Cleaning cabinet furnishing

The cleaning cabinet is one that's often forgotten about amongst all our storage spaces in need of attention. The vacuum gets tangled with the mop, ibuprofen and aspirins are cramped together with household chemicals and cleaning products and the duster keeps falling out each time the door is opened. Ironically enough, it becomes a cabinet not often maintained and cleaned.  

At It’s Design, you will find smart storage solutions, even for your cleaning cabinet. We have extensions that fit everything from cleaning spray bottles to vacuums, vacuum hose hangers, single shelves for knickknacks as well as a medicine cabinet with a lock for your entire family’s medicines, chemicals and first aid needs. 

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