Cabinets Pull-Outs & Kitchen Carousel

Cabinet pull-outs and kitchen carousels for all kitchen cabinets


Extensions for countertop cabinets and wall cabinets

Storage solutions for your kitchen cabinets are the best way to maximize the space of your cabinets. Get the appropriate use of all your cabinets, including the full capacity of your tall cabinets as well as your corner cabinets.  

Here, you will find extensions for your wall cabinets and counter cabinets at market leading prices. Find bargains on smart storage solutions for your vacation home, a communal garden or your ever-day kitchen. We carry slim extensions for the smaller cabinets and height-adjustable extensions that fit all cabinets available on the market.

Extensions for corner cabinets

Have you got a silly corner cabinet in your home that poses difficulty furnishing in a way that provides you access to your kitchen items? Have you found yourself crawling into the back of it so many times that you now rather change the whole thing than give crawling back in there, in search for what you believe to be there, another go? This ends now.  

We carry furnishing for your corner cabinets that provide even the most difficult ones with amazing functionality. We have extensions that extend the entire shelf outside of the cabinet for you to be able to maximize the space of your cabinet, to the very back of it. Experience the difference of installing a Magic Corner or Lemans unit to your cabinet and getting a whole new set of storage opportunities! 

Kitchen carousels

Kitchen carousels aren't considered a kitchen classic for nothing. The carousel is a basic yet smart storage solution for corner cabinets that also helps you remember what’s kept in the very back of them.  

Here, we have very affordable carousels for your kitchen with half, three-quarter and full-size shelves. We currently have a sale on for a wide selection of kitchen carousels so make sure to seize the opportunity of finding a bargain one for yourself!

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