Kids Handles

Handles for the dresser & closet in the children's room


New fittings for your children’s room can provide an easy and convenient way to freshen up and renovate it, without racking up a big bill. Often, it’s the smaller details that make the big difference and that allows you to put your personal spin on your home.  

Personality and creativity in your children’s room

 When decorating your child’s room, you want to both have it reflect their personality, as well as inspire new interests as well as creativity. Children change their interest with the blink of an eye so the decorations made at age three might come off as outdated once the child turns eight. We therefore recommend that you go for a calm base and instead spice it up with easily interchangeable details that reflect your child’s variations in taste.  

You may, for instance, fit train or animal handles onto the wardrobe doors for when your child is an infant and as they grow older, it might seem a bit cooler with a slithering snake or a crawling lizard. Wardrobe handles are swapped with ease and nothing is stopping you from going a bit crazy, to begin with, and then later just change them for regular, smooth handles as the child grows older.  

Dresser from Mio

 A dresser from Mio may also provide you with the perfect storage unit for your child’s room but not always do furniture seem as kid-friendly and fun as you might want them to. In these cases, it’s also very easy to just remove the included handles and fit your own candy or cat ones, as well as others from our selection of customized children’s room, handles, onto the dresser. 

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