About It's Design

Theresia Törnroth
It's Design

At age six, I first fitted a pair of handles onto some cabinet doors. At age 13, I spent my sick days home from school, packaging knobs into plastic boxes. When I was 19, I started It’s Design to sell knobs and handles online. 

It’s Design is definitely a product of having grown up with parents that were both in the kitchen business but also of my love for interior design! Choosing the niche of kitchen design came early on from having a father that was (in the eyes of his daughter) the best kitchen fitter in Sweden as well as from having a mother with remarkable attention to detail, shown both in her own home, and in her wholesale business. I was brought up on kitchen fitting trips around Sweden, life-like Coke bottles for wardrobe handles in my childhood home and the option of choosing my fittings and cabinet doors, for my childhood room. This, along with my keen interest for interior design, has opened up my eyes to the kitchen and fittings industry and my only wish now is to be able to show you and others how much can be done to a home, with very little effort. 

In 2008, I graduated high school and immediately began work on the webshop of today’s It’s Design. Since I was lacking experience with both e-commerce and distance selling, everything has been new and uncharted territory from the start and since the shop went live in January of 2009, it has been the apple of my eye. 

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