Changing Handles on Kitchen Cabinets - How to Install New Handles on Kitchen Cabinets

Changing the handles or knobs in your kitchen, or on a dresser and wardrobe, is the quickest and easiest way to give a minor renovation. Replacing kitchen handles is very simple, and with our smart marking template, you can quickly determine the hole spacing on your doors!

Installing your new kitchen handles doesn't have to be difficult or costly. If you don't want to hire a carpenter to drill the holes in your new doors, you can instead purchase our smart and easy marking template and install the hardware yourself. 

All you need to install the handles is:

  1. Your new kitchen handles where you can check the distance between the screw holes (cc measurement).
  2. Screws that fit the hardware. Screws are always included when you purchase hardware from It's Design.
  3. A marking template to mark where the handles should be placed on the doors. 
  4. 4.5mm or 5mm drill bit & screwdriver

Here’s how to install the hardware:

  1. Decide how you want to position the hardware on the doors. Do you want them vertical or horizontal, centered or on one side of the door? This is purely a matter of personal preference!

    Placement tips! Common measurements to follow from the edge of the door (top edge of base cabinets and bottom edge of wall cabinets) are to place the handle 45mm or 55mm down from the edge. If the handle is to be placed on the side of the door, the first hole can be 45x45 or 55x55mm in from the edge of the kitchen door. If there is a groove or pattern in the door, it's better to adjust the placement of the hardware accordingly, and it is always right to place your new handles exactly as you find most aesthetically pleasing!
  2. Use the marking template to mark the holes on the kitchen door. Make small marks on the template for each door to have the set holes. 
  3. Drill the holes with a 4.5mm or 5mm drill bit.
  4. Screw the handles in place with the included screws - Done!

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