Cabinet handle 128 mm

Here you will find handles with CC dimensions (the dimension between two screw holes on handles) of 128mm. Many people who are looking for kitchen handles with cc 128 mm instead look for handles in 130 mm as it can be tricky to measure between the holes, but then it is actually usually 128 mm cc you want!

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A Standard Measurement for Kitchen Handles: 128 mm

One of the most common hole distances for kitchen handles on the market is 128 mm cc. This hole measurement is suitable for both larger drawers and smaller cabinets and is very easy to grip. Handles with a 128 mm cc measurement are a great mid-size option that doesn't feel too small on a tall cabinet but also fits well on a door for a 40 cm cabinet, making it a good compromise that works in almost all kitchens. A kitchen handle with a 128 mm cc measurement also typically has a grip area of about 12 cm, which can be beneficial for family members with larger hands.

Due to its versatile properties, 128 mm cc has become one of the market's most popular hole measurements, and therefore the range of fittings in the 128 mm cc size is also extensive. Here you can find handles with leather, brass handles, industrial fittings, and fittings in a more classic style.

A CC for Those Who Like Change

Making small changes in your home can often make a big difference. Trends come and go, and it's not always possible to undertake a major kitchen renovation as soon as you want a change. Replacing the handles on kitchen doors is therefore an inexpensive and quick way to change the look of the kitchen, whether it's a house, condo, or rental.

If you know that you like to change details in your home and keep up with trends, we recommend choosing a cc measurement such as 128 mm for your handles. This way, you can opt for brass handles when you feel like it, leather-wrapped handles for a warmer feel, and black handles when you want more contrast. The 128 mm cc measurement offers many possibilities, and you can easily swap out the handles with a standard Phillips screwdriver. A cc for those who like to make changes with simple means, quite simply.

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